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  • Weekly Podcast 11/13/2012

    • Medium trust:
      • 2 libraries have the issue (Log4Net and FluentNHibernate: won't fix)
      • Workarounds: you can stay on Orchard 1.5, fix those libraries or get a hosting company that supports full trust
      • 4 votes for dropping MT, 1 neutral vote
    • Marketing push: Yes, we need that; Ylan is working on a plan; Let's remain humble, website needs to be re-done; We have different audiences from developer to end-users and need to talk and appeal to them all;
    • Mailing-list moderation: unmoderated, will remain that way for now
    • Site organization, Orchard TV
    • Adding tagit.js and nestedsortable.js to Orchard.jQuery? Issue recommendation in docs for modules to require external plugins using the file name without version number; Each module declares the manifests it needs;
    • Brett's demo: auto-evict cache on publish: Sébastien proposes a more optimal approach where cache entries are dynamically tracked so that the eviction can act only on those items that are affected by the publication (this can lead to hints to reverse proxies); Brett to make a pull request on contrib.cache; Works well with http://onestopdistribevict.codeplex.com/ that Brett demo'ed 6 months ago;
    • Zoltán's demo: external pages from a Bitbucket repository (relies on Bitbucket API); Please look at KUDU, the open source project that Azure uses for git publication;
    • 1.7: please look at the threads and contribute if you can: http://orchard.codeplex.com/discussions/402154; Comments, Workflow, default theme and Taxonomies are the most likely to happen; The rest will depend on contributions; Pointers to that thread should be easier to find from the Orchard Project site;

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  • Weekly Podcast 12/4/2012

    • VS 2012 update 1: apparently it doesn't break Orchard, contrary to one report we had on the forums.
    • Ylan gave us an update on Sipke's health. He's well now and back home in the Netherlands.
    • Sébastien made a demo of the new Projection layouts (raw and shape) he shipped in http://gallery.orchardproject.net/List/Modules/Orchard.Module.Contrib.Project.... It's very flexible and allows for tag-less list rendering, or using a special shape type and display type (that is tokenized).
    • Sébastien made a demo of the new cache features: additional cache headers, automatic cache expiration based on detection of what content items contributed to the rendering. That includes widgets, for example, or projections. It's awesome.
    • There is now a database cache provider, which is great for farms. When using the database cache, there is only one DB query per request.
      This is back-compatible, no breaking change for modules using cache today.
      There is also a memcached provider.
    • There is a need for a "business cache" for information that is not output results, but is going to expire more often than site restarts. Example: results from a web service. The current core cache is inappropriate for that (not designed for it, hard to get expiration across a farm with it). There is now a very simple ICacheService that has only time-based or manual expiration. Default implementation is ASP.NET cache, and there is a memcached option.
    • The ICacheService interface will be modified after this discussion so that the Lambda-based versions are extension methods, and the interface only has one simple Get and one simple Put. Extension methods will be in the same namespace as the interface for good discoverability.
    • Need further discussion on expiration of data cached in production using the old API, such as content types. There are reasonable scenarios to change those in production (custom forms for example) and we want all nodes to get those changes. Maybe the solution is to use the new API for everything that is reasonable to change in prod.
    • Statistics currently available on caching won't be available for the memcached provider. There are stats but they are different in nature. Will add an abstracted statistics interface so we can present something in all cases.
      Note: contrary to what Sébastien said, it is possible to list all keys on memcached http://www.darkcoding.net/software/memcached-list-all-keys/
      Need a doc topic on how to setup caching in a farm and how to use the caching API.
    • Modules will be on the gallery soon.
    • Sébastien showed the beginning of the workflow editor.
    • Questions:
      Would an admin be able to nudge a workflow and force its state to advance? Yes.
      Will we have history/logging on a workflow's activity?
      Will this work for moderation? Yes
      Will this replace rules? Yes, workflow is a superset and replacement for rules. No migration path. Rules won't ship any more. Rule authors will have to provide workflow activities to replace their current rules.
      Do we foresee default workflows? Yes, recipes with parameters/wizards. We'll have import/export anyways.
    • Zoltán actually did a module that makes Coffee (Script) https://combinatorcoffee.codeplex.com/

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  • SysCache2 Second Level Database Caching Support In Orchard 1.6

    Orchard 1.6 has upgraded to NHibernate 3.3 and now includes a SysCache Module that is a 2nd level cache provider for NHibernate. By enabling SysCache you will activate both an entity cache and query cache that can be shared across all your website requests ( NHibernate Sessions ) and theoretically increase performance by reducing database requests on your Orchard Website.

  • PHP Scripting Demo At Budapest PHP Meetup

    Yesterday's PHP Meetup in Budapest also featured Orchard. This is not a mistake: I demoed the PHP scripting engine we recently developed.

  • Weekly Podcast 11/27/2012

    • Triage: triaged 17 bugs out of 80 proposed. Will need to look at the Future bucket too.
    • Discussed: need a nicer admin theme story.
    • Then we waited for Orchard to compile.
    • Piotr made a new demo of his dynamic shape editor.

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